Equipment Description

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Digit Volumetric 2 or 3 Group Espresso Machine

World Barista Championships machine

  • Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Digit Volumetric 2 or 3 Group Espresso Machine

Equipment Description

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Digit Volumetric 2 or 3 Group Espresso Machine
Models and Prices:
2 Group Volumetric $12,870.00
3 Group Volumetric $15,165.00
With optional smart steam wand: Add $500.00
Free shipping and Full Warranty
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Nuova Simonelli’s Aurelia II Digit Volumetric Espresso Machine is the official espresso machine for the World Barista Championships. The Aurelia II Digit Volumetric is great for producing quality espresso drinks in high-traffic settings. These models offer LCD displays, smart programmability, raised group heads, ergonomic portafilters, inox work tray, two cool touch steam wands and a hot water wand, plus automatic dosing (volumetric), and optional smart steam wand. Plus many more features listed below.

Features of the Aurelia II Digit Volumetric 2 or 3 Group Espresso Machine:
PID: LCD display allows you to see and manipulate the Boiler Temperature with just a few clicks on the machine.
Smart Functions: programmable daily on-off, self-diagnosis, double counting, programmable alarms, Energy Saving function, cup warmer management, autosteam management and more make the Aurelia Digit smarter for the barista and owner.
Productivity: The Aurelia II allows independent automatic cleaning of each group. Now you don’t have to stop serving in order to clean the group heads. Simply put one group head into cleaning mode while brewing on the other simultaneously.
Heat Exchanger: With its copper boiler, this heat exchanger will allow brewing and steaming at the same time, more efficiently and at a faster rate than non-heat exchangers. The temperature will stay consistent through and through from boiler to brew head giving you that ideal shot every time.
Soft Infusion System: Guarantees soft and creamy espresso shots every time.
Smart Wand Upgrade: At the touch of a button, this optional wand eliminates guesswork, allowing anyone to make thick and velvety milk-based drinks, always at the same temperature with the proper amount of foam. The steam wand automatically turns off at the correct temperature. Select 2 regular steam arms (basic unit), or 1 regular and 1 Auto Steam arm for an upgrade.
Raised Group Heads: Conveniently allows ample room for taller cups to fit underneath the group.
Automatic Dosing (Volumetric): At a push of a button you won’t need to worry when to stop or start your ideal shots. The programmable buttons make measuring the right amount of espresso for different drinks, shot after shot.
New Design Features: The Aurelia II introduces four new features your baristas are going to love. The Reverse Mirror: Allows the barista to see the shot pour out without having to bend down under the group head. Cool Touch Steam Wands: No more burnt arms, hands, or egos. Also due to the lack of heat, say goodbye to the milk encrustation you see on every other machine. Milk Light: An LED light that points down into the frothing pitcher. LED Lights: Soft LED lights illuminate the front of the machine.

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Digit Volumetric Warranty

– 2 Year (Parts limited warranty for all commercial machines and grinders)
– 1 Year (Standard labor warranty for all commercial machines and grinders)

Nuova Simonelli backs their warranties anywhere in the U.S. so no matter where you live, we can ship to you and the warranty network will cover you.

Coffee & Tea Works backs Nuova Simonelli’s warranty and can offer on-going regional service on the machines after the warranties have expired.

Gold National Installation and Service Management Plan
• The plan includes the following:
• Single Point of Contact for all Service Needs
• Receive and Inspect Machine for Damage
• Bench Test Machine
• Installation Coordination of Facilities
• Water Quality/Clarity Test
• Professional Installation
• Equipment Maintenance Training
• 24-Hour business Day Response
• Automatic Warranty Claim Processing
• Free Installation of Water Softening System
• Guaranteed No Freight Damage
• Lifetime Warranty on Copper Boilers
• 1-year Labor Warranty

Tech Specs for the Aurelia II Digit Volumetric 2 & 3 Group Espresso Machine
2 Group: 220 Volts, 4500 Watts • 30 amp circuit required • Size: 23 H x 23 D x 33 W • Weight: 164 lbs • Boiler Capacity: 14 liters

3 Group: 220 Volts, 5000 Watts • 30 amp circuit required • Size: 21 H x 22 D x 42 W • Weight: 194 lbs • Boiler Capacity: 17 liters

  • Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Digit Volumetric 2 or 3 Group Espresso Machine



Client: Nuova Simonelli


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